Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Projekt DeutschDiachronDigital

Alain suggests that Projekt DeutschDiachronDigital is involved in some interesting efforts that might be related to some work we are doing. There are a number of useful papers on the project's publication list, including
Lukas C. Faulstich, Ulf Leser und Anke Lüdeling. Storing and Querying Historical Texts in a Relational Database. Informatik-Bericht Nr.176 des Instituts für Informatik der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Februar 2005

Lukas C. Faulstich, Ulf Leser und Thorsten Vitt. Implementing a Linguistic Query Language for Historic Texts. Query Languages and Query Processing (QLQP-2006): 11th Intl. Workshop on Foundations of Models and Languages for Data and Objects (FMLDO), 2006.
Interesting to see they are using SQL to power this project.